Concrete Services Business Fundraising

There are many beneficial projects concrete companies can take on to improve their bottom line or better serve their customers, but not all of them are for profit. Sometimes, concrete installers will offer free concrete services for a good cause, or help with fundraising to pay for the cost of a project. They find a worthy project, identify how much money is needed, choose the appropriate platform to fundraise with, and start the process.

When a church hires concrete contractors in Albany to install a stamped concrete walkway, they presume that the company is going to charge an arm and a leg to do the work. However, sometimes, the business uses its local clout to bring awareness to the church’s need for money and help raise the funding for the project.

Concrete companies follow these steps for fundraising:

1. Identify the project

Being involved in the local community and volunteering often is the easiest way to get the pulse of the neighborhood. People talk about problems in the area, and it makes it easy to spot great opportunities to lend a helping hand. Whether it’s the local bulletin from the church or the local newspaper, plenty of organizations need help, especially with their concrete work. Over time, concrete surfaces wear down, fade, and crack. Not only does this look bad, but it’s not safe either. Concrete providers identify an organization that needs help, isolate the concrete issue, and start putting a fundraising plan in place to raise the money for the repairs.

2. Choose a fundraising platform

When picking a platform for fundraising, it’s important to consider online and offline options. Online, websites like Go Fund Me offer a very wide reach, far outside of the local area. There are relatively low fees, it’s easy to post the project and garner support, and you have quick access to any submitted funds. Offline, concrete companies can use their connections in the construction industry to find companies that would be happy to donate to the cause in order to secure a tax write-off.

3. Tell the Story

People resonate with emotions. Share the story of the church, their mission, and what they need done. People will hear the story and donate if they feel an emotional connection to what you’re saying. The story should be detailed, but clear. Write about:

  • How the funds will be used?
  • How are you connected to the project?
  • When is the project set to begin?
  • Why is the donation needed?

4. Increase Exposure for the Fundraiser

If you want a large amount of donations, people need to know about the fundraiser. After launching a webpage about the fundraiser, contact other local businesses to request donations and help spread the word. You can take out an ad in the local paper, create a community bake sale event, post flyers in the neighborhood and around Albany, NY, call local businesses to ask for their support, and share the church’s story and fundraising details on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

5. Thank the Donors

People donate to fundraisers because they believe in your cause. Show your appreciation for their generosity by saying thank you. Send a simple thank you note in the mail or making a quick phone call is a great way to say thanks and encourage them to help again in the future if there’s another worthy fundraising cause.